Way Cool Presentations


Situations: Executives must communicate effectively to align vision and understanding. Managers must ensure that the execution of business, especially in meetings, is efficient and effective. Engineering and other technical specialists must be understood. Sales and marketing must understand persuasion. Hourly and line workers must be able to express themselves with clarity. Every company needs a powerful presentation skills program.

Why This Program: It is based on a proven methodology, scientific research and years of experience. It works. Ask our clients. Way Cool Presentations!TM takes the mystery, drudge and fear out of making professional presentations. Using the most cutting-edge information and practical knowledge available, this process quickly takes people to a high lever of performance. It is a two-day program designed to build upon participants’ strengths. Each person moves to a significantly higher level of performance than before the program. Using videotaped feedback, participants are able to learn with amazing speed. The program, which was developed by LodeStar Universal, is packed with practical skills the participant can use immediately.

How an Organization Benefits: An investment in this program produces employees who are confident and professional. They understand how to be succinct, to speak with clarity and to adjust content to address the needs of any audience. As a result, an organization can expect employees to be more successful in the delivery of all presentations. Executives who speak with Wall Street will be well-received and know just what to say. Engineers will avoid engineer-speak. Sales will close more business. The list goes on and on. Overall, an organization can expect to close more business, increase productivity and improve its public image.

How an Individual Benefits: Individuals increase confidence, professionalism and credibility. They learn to convert nervous energy into constructive energy, to use body language to enhance the message, what to do with visual aids, and to think on their feet. They can communicate technical information with ease and clarity. They learn to adjust the message to fit the audience and to answer difficult questions. They learn how to be authentic and natural under the most difficult of circumstances and to enjoy the process.

Methodology: Way Cool Presentations integrates the most sophisticated, efficient and effective training process available. Lecture, video tape, a variety of exercises, role plays, workbook; all these and more are included as part of the two-day process.

Value: Provided the recommended strategies are implemented, an organization should expect at least a five-fold return on an investment in this program within 12 months.

Way Cool Presentations!TM is a two-day program for a maximum of 10 people.

The enjoyable way of speaking!