Keynotes and Speeches

Any audience looking for value will benefit by hearing Alex Ramsey. Her cutting-edge information and insights are inspiring, interactive and uplifting. She personifies infotainment.

You Can’t Change the World, You Can Change You

Real change starts within. This speech takes the audience on a journey by sharing a special story filled with humor and wisdom. Important lessons about getting along with others and solving what seem to be unsolvable problems are discovered. Companies can expect employees to have new tools for dealing with old problems as well as to be refreshed and inspired.

Way Cool Presentations

A keynote version of LodeStar’s popular seminar, this presentation is interactive, action-packed and filled with ideas that challenge conventional wisdom about speaking and provide concrete tips any audience can put to immediate use. Rated the top presentation at almost every conference, it is a sure-fire winner and crowd pleaser.

Entrepreneur’s Money Raising Road Shows

For anyone who has ever had to raise money or run a company, this presentation is packed with valuable information and practical examples. It is fast-paced and thought-provoking.

Smashing (Your Personal) Glass Ceiling

This inspiring keynote uses the life story of one remarkable, but very human being to share seven strategies anyone can embrace to be the best he or she can be. The response from audiences, who love this program, is always, “When are you going to turn this into a book?”

Breaking the Code

Men and women approach life differently-either a cause for real concern or the source tremendous possibilities for creating wealth. This humorous and informative talk shares important secrets about men and women working together harmoniously to create wealth and value. Going beyond the stereotypes, the talk provides concrete strategies both men and women can use to communicate better.