Think Like How Your Customers Feel

Winning customers is rarely easy. Keeping them is even harder.

Situation: A company has only two real assets: Employees and customers. Within these assets, lies the source of wealth. The skills needed in today’s complex, stressful and competitive environment to deal effectively with customers must be taught-or customers will be lost. Winning customers is rarely easy. Keeping them is even harder.

Why This Program: It works. Think Like Your Customers Feel!TM takes the mystery and fear out of dealing with customers and handling even the most difficult situations. A one-day program, it builds emotional intelligence, communication skills and problem solving abilities. Using videotaped feedback and special exercises designed to improve the participants understanding of what it is like to live in the customers’ skin, participants are able to learn with amazing speed. The program, which was developed by LodeStar Universal, is packed with practical skills the participant can use immediately.

How an Organization Benefits: An investment in Think Like Your Customers Feel!TM produces employees who are confident and professional. They understand how to handle the most difficult customer problems and to provide excellent customer service. As a result, an organization can expect higher customer satisfaction rates, fewer problems that require management attention and more customer loyalty.

How an Individual Benefits: Individuals increase confidence, professionalism and credibility. They learn what it means to provide excellent customer service. They learn to diffuse volatile situations, to listen more effectively and to turn difficulties into opportunities. Individuals enhance their professional value and can apply the skills learned to deal more effectively with colleagues-and loved ones.

Methodology: Think Like Your Customers Feel!TM integrates sophisticated, efficient and effective training processes to create a powerful learning experience. Lecture, video tape, a variety of exercises, role plays, workbook; all these and more, are included as part of the one-day program.

Value: One major international high-technology company improved customer satisfaction rating from 82 per cent to 94 per cent within six months of putting several hundred people through this program. They salvaged a multi-million dollar client who was ready to bolt in the process. Provided the recommended strategies are implemented, our results indicates an organization should expect a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Think Like Your Customers Feel!TM is a one-day program for a maximum of 20 people.

Turning difficulties into opportunities!