The Power of a Handshake 7 Tips for a More Powerful Handshake And Convey Trust, Balance, and Equality

by Alex B. Ramsey

Learning or improving any skill takes a few minutes of time. This is no exception. Give it 5 minutes 2-3 times the first week and notice with a greater sense of consciousness over the next few weeks all the handshakes you can.

These tips are not difficult, yet they may feel awkward at first, because it is not what you are “used to doing.” I can assure you that as you master them, your handshake will be warmer and more engaging. You will connect faster with new acquaintances, and establish stronger relationships with existing colleagues. People will find you more confident and more full of personal power.

So don’t give up if at first it feels awkward, the payoff is too great.

1. Square your shoulders to the person you are greeting. Many right-handed people angle the left shoulder backwards away from the contact and automatically put themselves in a dismissive position.

2. Extend your arm comfortably toward your contact. Keep your elbow slightly bent, relaxed, firm, yet flexible.

3. Open your palm fully versus extending a hand of crinkled, bent fingers.

4. Ideally, touch contact’s flat palm with your flat palm. Drape your fingers over contact’s hand. It is in the touching of the palm with just the right pressure that you create the magical connection.

5. Be aware of the contact’s level of strength relative to you. Match the other person well.

6. It is inexcusable to hurt another person’s hand with your vice grip. It is unfortunate when your hand is a bony or limp reflection of yourself. Feel what you are doing.

7. Make eye-contact as you shake hands.