Heart and Goals

An effective team can solve most any problem. 

Situation: What exactly is a team? Different people have vastly different opinions about this. Gender, diversity and age differences can create conflicts. Even with a homogeneous group, people to lose sight of what matters and what doesn’t’. An ineffective team can destroy a project and damage morale. An effective team can solve almost any problem.

Why This Program: Because it works. Heart and GoalsTM takes the mystery and confusion out of the team-building process. It is two-days designed to open channels of communication, clarify roles and empower people. Each person moves to a significantly higher level of performance than before the program. Using videotaped feedback, participants are able to learn quickly. The program, which was developed by LodeStar Universal, is packed with practical skills to be used immediately.

How an Organization Benefits: An investment in this program produces employees who work well together to accomplish goals set out by the team and management. It serves to minimize conflict and to improve communication among team members. It clarifies what a team can and can’t do as well as where individual responsibilities lie. As a result, the team will require less management, be more effective and perform tasks with greater energy and enthusiasm.

How an Individual Benefits: Individuals increase their confidence, professionalism and communication skills. They learn to brainstorm efficiently, to delegate effectively among team members and to resolve conflict. They learn what it means to work as one “heart” to accomplish a worthy goal.

Methodology: Heart and GoalsTM integrates the most sophisticated, efficient and effective training process available. Lecture, video tape, a variety of exercises, role plays, workbook; all these and more are included as part of the two-day process.

Value: Provided the recommended strategies are implemented, an organization should expect at least a five-fold return on an investment in this program within 12 months.

Heart and GoalsTM is a two-day program for a maximum of 20 people.

Working as one force, to accomplish worthwhile goals!