The Essence of Selling

Selling is simple when you know the right things to do. 

Situation: To win customers and improve closing rates, effective selling requires four skills: 1) perseverance to handle rejection; 2) listening and questioning skills; 3) a process to track and control information; and 4) the ability to connect with people. Unfortunately, most sales training focuses on complex, ritualistic processes bogging down sales people in acronyms and detailed procedures., people skills are most important. Selling is simple when you know the right things to do.

Why This Program: The Essence of Selling creates value for the client and maintains respect for the sales professional. This two-day program builds on participants’ strengths. Each person moves to a significantly higher level of performance than before the program. Using videotaped feedback, participants learn with amazing speed. The program, which was developed by LodeStar Universal, is packed with practical skills the participant can use immediately.

How an Organization Benefits: An investment in this program produces employees who sell more effectively. They close more business, are more motivated and less difficult to manage. They learn what matters to a client, how to create value and meet needs. An organization can expect more new business, increased productivity and an enhanced image.

How an Individual Benefits: Individuals increase confidence, professionalism and credibility. They learn to think on their feet and when stop pressuring and start listening. They learn to handle difficult situations, answer questions and recognize “buy” signals. They learn to keep processes and paperwork simple. They learn to communicate technical information with ease and clarity to minimize confusion. They rediscover that selling is fun and rewarding!

Methodology: The Essence of Selling integrates the most sophisticated, efficient and effective training process available. Lecture, video tape, a variety of exercises, role plays, workbook, all these and more are included.

Value: Provided the recommended strategies are implemented, an organization should expect at least a five-fold return on an investment in this program within 12 months.

The Essence of Selling is a two-day program for a maximum of 20 people.

Connect, Concentrate, Communicate: Putting the fun back into selling!