Analysis, Assessment, and Action Plans

LodeStar Universal delivers bottom-line results. For any solution we propose, you can reasonably expect a five-fold value return on your investment. We increase revenue, decrease operating costs or make sure you have fewer headaches.


We review business plans and provide recommendations.


To assess customer behavior, feelings, attitudes and motivations, it is critical to engage an independent and impartial firm. Without independence and impartiality, the odds are the information will be skewed.


What are you measuring? How are you measuring it? What does your cost/benefit analysis look like? Let us review your marketing strategy.


How much more business would you have this year if you had closed on 25% more business, like one of our clients did? We can assist you.


How can you do it better? That is the only question to ask and answer. We use many techniques to ensure enhanced performance.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Research on executive coaching documents an average return of almost 6 times the investment. Companies can expect to see improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service, and shareholder value. They can expect fewer customer complaints, and are more likely to retain executives who had been coached. We are experts in working with your executive team.

Entrepreneurial Services

Managing and leading high-technology start-up’s is as much art as science. This is a space where markets are confusing, technology may be ahead of its time and there is no model or legacy in place. A partner who has “been there and done that” many, many times will prevent thousands of mistakes and ensure wise decisions are made. We provide many options.

Interim VP Marketing

We can provide interim executive stability while searching for full-time talent.

Investor Relations

How well does your executive team communicate to the investment and analyst community? Studies show the difference shows up in stock prices when executives are effective. We can help them build communication skills and create effective strategies.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal systems are flawed and do more harm than good. We can assist you in creating a system that motivates employees and provides the organization with the information and protection it needs.

Road Shows

We are “the experts” in coaching the executive team for maximum performance and in putting together financial road shows and other high-stakes presentations.