MANIFEST AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE – In Person and Telephone Program

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“Believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
Lewis Carroll

An Extended Program for Internal Growth to Create External Manifestation
– Alex B. Ramsey


To assist you in creating a life that honors your Spirit, feeds your Soul, and serves the World


1. To support your development in a daily practice to consciously create your life as you desire it to be and to ensure integrity between your professional and personal lives

2. To provide tools for maintaining clarity in your emotional body, moving you into a more centered and conscious relationship within yourself and others

3. To manifest successful outcomes from your intentions – financially, professionally, in relationships, health, and spiritually


Long before he came up with the Theory of Relativity, Einstein performed “thought experiments.”

• He imagined what he later back-engineered. 
He visualized what it would be like to ride a beam of light. First, he created an internal experience. Then, he created the equation that changed the world.

• Thoughts come first. Expression in the physical world comes next. 

Yet, we often assume reality to be the exact opposite.

After 30 years consulting in Fortune 500 companies, I know those who achieve the greatest happiness, fulfillment, and comfort in the world do just as Einstein.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to move forward into the life we truly deserve. This is no tiny feat. It requires new tools and different ways of thinking about things. Creating changes in long-held patterns of thinking requires a period of continued support.

Even Einstein, as brilliant as he was professionally, did not measure up in his emotional life to his professional standards. Thought patterns and belief systems are a different ball game from the intellectual.

No matter who you are, creating balance and harmony is one of the greatest challenges, but like Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts who commanded “imagine six impossible things before breakfast,” the first step toward creating the magical and mysterious wonder of a life that is possible for us all is using the Mind.

What stops us is quite simple and paradoxically beguiling: A lifetime sabotaging ourselves in almost unimaginable ways, old tapes running in our sub-conscious minds. These tapes block the relationships we desire – relationships with our bodies, money, others, and even ourselves.

The work in Manifest: An Extraordinary Life brings to light and clears

  • Self sabotaging beliefs
  • Fears (false evidence appearing real)
  • Unconscious counter intentions
  • Self limiting beliefs 
    We replace these energetic hogs with fulfilling, fun mindsets. We integrate mental silos of dissonance in our actions. We become freer. Let’s assume you are good at 2/3 of creating what you desire, and only the rest, the other one-third, eludes you. 
  • Shifting “the rest” is a thrilling opportunity, is it not?

Manifest: An Extraordinary Life explores teachings from a variety of sources and philosophies. You end up with a balance of skills and resources. Manifest: An Extraordinary Life is a group process. You learn from one another to more easily achieve your goals. 

One of life’s enigma’s is how twists and turns seem to arise from “nowhere.” This is simply not accurate. In Manifest: An Extraordinary Life you learn more about how “no where” is actually created, what our responsibility is to “no where” and how to navigate from “no where” to exactly where you consciously intend to be. There is great joy and satisfaction in aligning your life with things you are passionate about! 


Alex Ramsey, President of LodeStar Universal, President of National Speakers Association of N. Texas.

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