Dear Colleagues,

In the spirit of holiday buzz and excitement, I have several personal and professional announcements. First of all, what an extraordinary year it has been for this young consultancy! Our business has grown 300% over last year. The many successes include

  • Go-To-Market strategies for two high-technology products
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys resulting in Sales and Marketing increases
  • Organizational Assessments resulting in Operating Cost Reductions
  • Investment capital of about $200 million raised for our early-stage development clients
  • Business and Operating Plan Analyses, plus many other sales and marketing strategies

On the training front, Way Cool! Presentations is crossing the Pacific! Thanks to instructor Valerie Deal’s decision to return to her homeland, this fantastic presentation skills program has expanded to Australia. Those of you who have never met Valerie have missed a tremendous experience. I am happy for Australia, but sad to see her leave Texas. Instructor Bob Josh is ready to step into her shoes and is raring to go.

On a more personal note, with the “numerical” Millennium here, it perhaps is an appropriate time for carefully considered change. Twenty years ago when I divorced, I seriously considered changing my name. I kept the name you’ve known me by, in large part, for the care and benefit of my young son. Today, I am proud to say my “young” son is a hale, hearty, healthy young man, and the need to keep that name no longer exists. Addressing a long unmet desire, I am pleased to announce, at a time when all is well and peaceful in my life, I have selected another favorite combination of family names as my own. My son, my wonderful husband, close friends and family have all given my new name of “Alex Ramsey” a warm welcome.

I expect to have two books published in 2001 as well as a tape series on road show presentations. I will keep you apprised of these new products. In anticipation of these very public events, please note the name of LodeStar Communications is now LodeStar Universal, reflecting the company’s growth and diversity.

Although the names may be changing, the underlying intent of this business remains the same, to create value with our clients every step of the way. Business is fantastic, and to keep it that way, your referrals and recommendations are of vital importance. If you or anyone you know needs assistance with sales and marketing strategies, executive coaching, presentation, organizational development or other consulting services, please think of LodeStar Universal. And please consider Alex Ramsey as the keynote speaker at your next association or corporate meeting.

Peace and prosperity,

Alex Ramsey