Executives: Motivating and communicating can make or break the organization.
One of the biggest jobs any executive faces is motivating people to perform their best. Another major challenge is communicating externally to media, clients, and alliances. We at LodeStar Universal ensure that executive communication is authentic, aligned with the companies goals and objectives and is well received by internal and external audiences. We have helped executives handle sensitive employee issues, shape messages associated with changes in strategy, communicate a compelling story to Wall Street, deliver investor pitches, client pitches, negotiate union strikes and many other activities.
This is an extremely sensitive responsibility and no one does is better than LodeStar Universal.

Entrepreneurs: $300M in early-stage venture funding means a lot of traction.…
Alex Ramsey is renowned for her work on investor pitches. See the famous University of Texas' website www.utopia.utexas.edu/businessplans for video footage of Alex, examples of an executive team she coached to success, and lots of important advice. But raising the money is only one of many steps Alex and LodeStar Universal provide to improve the condition of entrepreneurs and their organizations. Make no mistake about it: An experienced professional ensures entrepreneurs put the right systems in place at the right speed and at the right time. This avoids costly sales and marketing errors, and costly employee errors. Call to learn more about the Start Up Scrub Down.

Financial Advisers: The Only Thing You have to Sell is Yourself.
Stop wasting your time with costly gimmicks that say they are going to differentiate you, but end up only lumping into the same old burlap sack as every other potato. When it comes down to it, the only thing you have to sell is yourself. At LodeStar Universal we provide the missing information you need to make sure you are really being effective. We work with you on your seminars, how you speak in public and in private to clients and make sure you genuinely stand out from the crowd. Get busy and call us now to take advantage of the powerful information we have for you.

Venture Capitalists: Time is the most precious asset you own.
The smartest venture capitalists we have worked with understand what they don't know and hire smart people to fill in the gaps. Cagey as foxes, vigilant as eagles, most are smart as can be when it comes to technology and business ideas. But let's not beat around the bush. When it comes organizational development and gritty marketing, most find it taxing. That's where we come in. We clean up the messaging of new technologies. We teach sales forces how to communicate the vision. We help the CEO raise capital with a perfect pitch. But we also work with and coach executives and make sure that the organizational is properly aligned, message, objectives, goals, and culture. We do the things we do best so you can do the things you do best.


LodeStar Universal's mission is to produce the most direct, masterful, effective, sparkling and elegant of solutions. In so doing, we provide enormous economic, social and personal value to society, our customers and ourselves.

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