How to handle boards of directors and board meetings is a challenge many CEO’s face and one that Alex has helped many leaders navigate. Alex helps CEO’s deal with sensitive issues at board meetings, keeping competing interests in perspective, and aligning boards with company missions. This photo recently appeared in a feature article on managing and rebuilding boards for the national magazine Chronicle of Philanthropy. .more

Motivating and communicating can make or break the organization...more

$300M in early-stage venture funding means a lot of traction...more

The Only Thing You have to Sell is Yourself...more

Time is the most precious asset you own...more

From Star to Superstar: Turning Good Companies into Great Ones
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Interlude with The Terminator
By Alex Ramsey

From the moment I met Arnold Schwarzenegger, leadership radiated from the smallest duty. Having just pulled up a chair at the hotel where he was having breakfast with his entourage, Arnold firmly, but gently, grasped my elbow and surprised me by excusing the two of us. In those days, I was a newspaper columnist for the rich and famous there to interview him. He was on his way to charming the world. He whisked me up the elevator to his room where away from curious onlookers and celebrity handlers, talking in private was a breeze…... Read more

Alex Ramsey's Recent Video Production For CompuCom Shown at Their Recent Conference

The CEO of LifeGift, an organ recovery agency, speaks about the important role of CompuCom in the agency's work. CompuCom delivers the IT infrastructure, disaster recovery and business continuity services that keep LifeGift up and running 24x7 to carry on the work of saving lives.

Alex Ramsey and LodeStar Universal featured in...

Harvard Business Management Update
How the Best Leaders Make it Happen... Read more

The Wall Street Journal
Remembering Passwords Isn't As Easy as ABC 123... Read more

Investor's Business Daily
Leaders and Success... Read more

August 6 NASDAQ Opening
LodeStar Universal CEO Alex Ramsey rings NASDAQ opening bell... Read more

Priority Magazine
LodeStar Universal CEO Alex Ramsey featured in story on managing small
business with interns... Read more

Orlando Sentinel: Sorry?
Who's sorry now? Everyone!... Read more

Women’s Wall Street
Global outsourcing... Read more

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Alex Ramsey shares secrets for executive persuasion with the famed University of Texas at Austin’s MBA program as she is interviewed about winning investor pitches.

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ExxonMobil, Brinker, Manulife, SBC, PBS
We’ve shown corporate giants, small businesses, and institutions smarter ways to be entrepreneurial. One pivotal key to success is communication, a starting point where we excel. From CEOs to senior professionals, teams to individual performers, all benefit from our powerful approach...more


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